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Jools Zalles is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She has been creating works of art since she learned to use scissors and scotch tape. It all started when she was five years old and would create life-size paper dolls adorned with the very best haute couture ensembles made from colorful construction paper. Branching out, she painted the family cookware with flowers of the brightest colors and learned to sew at an early age.
This creativity has carried on throughout her adult years, during which time she took weaving classes and was mesmerized by the textures one could create transforming woven cloth into wall-hangings and sculptures.
Jools now lives in California where she creates works from clay, pine needles, felt and hand-made paper, often incorporating collages of found objects, antique buttons, charms, and recycled brown paper bags.
In addition, Jools has worked with interior designers, participated in artist-in-residence programs in local schools, taught art classes at the North Carolina School of Arts, and led workshops for elementary school students at the Bay Area Discovery Museum in San Francisco and taught art classes in the Brighton School District in Rochester, New York. 

Jools’ works have been or are currently on display at:

Art Works Downtown • San Rafael, CA
Petaluma Art Center • Petaluma, CA
Tiburon City Hall • Tiburon, CA
Sebastopol Art Center • Sebastopol, CA
Artisan’s Gallery • Southport, NC
Shoestring Gallery • Rochester, NY


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